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The RETROMAX retrofit system, is a fully wired and assembled four lamp to two lamp and two lamp to one lamp converter for T8 or T5 luminaires, ready to install. The product maintains existing levels of illumination, while reducing lamp wattage and ballast factor, and uses adjustable reflectors to direct light output where it’s needed. Field adjustable lampholder brackets accommodate dimensional variations of existing recessed luminaires. The product does not require a “rip and replace” of the fixture, is lightweight, and offers an estimated eight-minute installation time, with energy saving potential of over 50% in standard applications

 Unique luminaire improvement over 2 and 4 tube fixtures

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Installation Instruction sheet is available upon request as well as the Operations Manual, including specification, installation, maintenance and reference data. For further insight, please view the installation and maintenance video of RETROMAX, available upon request.

RETROMAX retrofits all common luminaires

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