Photometry | REM Lighting


Lighting Software assisted comparisons:

Professional lighting design software can prove the difference between similar luminaires or

spare reflectors. This allows the end user to evaluate photometric data such as light efficiency,

distribution curves, glare and uniformity – elements which make up the real value of each

luminaire or reflector.

Dialux is the most advanced photometric software, providing photorealistic and three–

dimensional visualization of spaces, as well as configuration of comparative photometric data.

The following image depicts the profound light output performance between AISLEMAX and

another luminaire of equal purchase cost and similar appearance.

diagram 6

Accurate and comparative photometric studies are provided to prove the substantial energy savings.

Executive Assessment – Financial/ROI and Technical Studies

Based on the collected data from an on-site Executive Assessment and inspection, and according to the preferences of the end user, a complete photometric study can be conducted for every designated facility. If so required, a comparative study between similar luminaries or reflectors can be provided on a free-basis agreement.

In terms of payback period, an evaluation of total ownership cost is offered:

• Initial purchase

• Maintenance

• Installation

• Energy cost (usually 95% of the total lifetime cost)

The financial and technical study is a reliable tool that offers valuable information about the most energy saving luminaire or reflector type to be selected. As an example:

diagram 7


In summary, REM brings innovations that dramatically REDUCE energy and operational costs for customers. Whether you plan to renovate your existing site or create a new facility, we have the knowledge, experience, methodologies and lighting products you need to address your energy savings objectives.

REM is helping companies throughout the world to substantially reduce energy consumption while improving lighting, occupant comfort, safety, and saving money and operational costs.

REM technology teams are working to help realize these savings by demonstrating high performance lighting technologies, sharing experiences, and developing solutions that assist companies procure higher-efficiency commercial lighting products and improve their bottom line.