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MAX reflectors, an internationally patented lighting retrofit solution bearing unique and innovative features, are available for all linear fluorescent and LED lamps. They are made of synthetic multi-layered material with specular aluminum coating of high purity (99.9%) through Physical Vapor Deposition technology (PVD), providing superior light performance!

Main features are:

  • Double light output.
  • Energy cost savings from 25% to 50%.
  • Adjustable to all striplight types / brands.
  • Ideal for energy efficient lighting upgrades (retrofit) with a payback¬† period of 12 months and continuous profit thereafter. Rebates will¬† improve ROI accordingly.
  • Rotation possibility for direction of light beam.
  • Easy and rapid fixing on T5 and T8 lamps.
  • Appropriate for retail, warehouse or professional environments.


diagram 8diagram 9

High Bays or Low Bays?

MAX is based on leading edge technology and fabrication techniques to provide a robust, highly specular reflector, that is both lightweight and easily installed by non-technical personnel.

diagram 10
Suitable for virtually any location currently utilizing linear fluorescent and LED open tube luminaires, this flexible retrofit solution can be applied at any possible installation height, depending on the different distribution curves which are provided:

Narrow beam (high installations)
Wide beam (standard installations)
Ultra-wide beam (low installations)

diagram 11diagram 12
Special reflector for refrigeration units is available.

Asymmetric light beam aimed for refrigeration shelves.

diagram 14
Patented intelligent illumination

Sophisticated light management techniques lead to international patents and provide significant energy savings to any common lighting application.

Upgrading available with custom fitted reflectors in watertight luminaires and in architectural luminses. 

Before: White flat reflector – significant output loss (light absorption).

After: Specular parabolic reflectors – maximization of light output. This also improves the shape of light beam distribution curves.

diagram 15