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AISLEMAX is the product resulting from a thorough three-year market research, design and development activity. The product is one of the world’s leading patented fluorescent  luminaires in terms of efficiency savings and operating efficiency.

Main features are:

Unique independent reflector rotation system of +/-16 degrees. Easy illumination control through aimable light beam.
Seven adjustable, addressable and lockable reflector combinations providing possibility for symmetrical or asymmetrical, as well as narrow or wide light beam.
Maximization of horizontal or vertical illumination.
Reduces the quantity of lamps and the energy consumption from 20% to 50%.
Superb Light Output Ratio – LOR from 81% to 96% depending on model
Ideal for energy efficient lighting upgrades with a payback period of 12 to 18 months. ROI improves significantly if rebates are available.
Suitable for 2 (low bay) or 4 (high bay) lamps, T5 or T8 type.
Plug-and-play design offers tool-free maintenance and a “lite-trak” which provides simple, foolproof positioning of the lamp into the lampholder.
Available recessed, surface or pendant, for individual or in-line installation.

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High Bays or High Electric Bills?

AISLEMAX is the most efficient fluorescent alternative to HID lamps because of its ideal optical system combining optimum parabolic geometric shape and aimable light beam distribution.

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Intelligent illumination
Sophisticated light management techniques lead to an international patent and provide significant energy savings to any common lighting application.
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Unique reflector rotation technology

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Unique and significant advancement to the art and science of lighting”

The product is one of the world’s leading fluorescent patented luminaries in terms of efficiency and has been recognized by the US IES Progress Committee.

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Distinction by Southern California Edison

This Certificate of Conformation was issued to our US distributors by Southern California Edison, one of the largest US utilities. It was the results of an exhaustive test conducted by California Edison related to the AISLEMAX lighting fixture, so that end-users installing the fixture could use it in order to be eligible for tax credits due to Title 22 State of California Energy regulations. AISLEMAX was the first lighting fixture that passed the SCLTC test and achieved the required certification by California Title 22.
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