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About Us


REM assists companies around the world to achieve measurable results in energy conservation and environmental responsibility for their building operations. We’re helping our customers save substantial money in their electricity expenses by conserving megawatt hours of electricity without impacting in-building illumination. In fact, building on years of environmental leadership, REM offers new, innovative lighting technology that results in energy savings, generous incentives & rebates, and optimizes in-facility illumination for customers and employees.

When you view the completed REM installation, it is immediately obvious that light plays a major role in enhancing your brand, the use of space, and the needs of the employees and customers.  These illumination improvements will dramatically enhance the working and merchandising areas for your employees and customers.

Executive Assessment and ROI Predictor

How many times have you found yourself thinking: “This solution is just what we need, but I need to demonstrate to my company that its return on investment meets our targets”? So in response, REM has developed two tools to help you understand how lighting modernization investments – made with REM’s guidance – may have the potential to provide substantial payback, often quicker than expected as well as help calculate your potential rebate/cash back and available tax incentives.

REM is available to provide an Executive Assessment to further understand your facility environment including lighting, illumination characteristics, special requirements, and operational procedures. It’s during this phase that specific tasks to modernize lighting units will be identified and details as to their base unit installation and additional non-project tasks – manpower, installation equipment – are identified.

Each facility configuration delivers an upgrade environment that enables an ROI calculation for the modernization, which translates into reduced costs, reduced time to value, and increased business flexibility.

By partnering with REM, companies such as Walmart, Safeway, DHL, Carrefour, and Praktiker have installed REM high efficiency LED lighting and/or reflectors in the existing lighting fixtures to provide significant, new illumination-directed lighting to present to customers a more inviting shopping experience and to employees a better working environment.

Savings and Rebates/Cash Back and Tax Incentives

We’re saving our clients significant energy consumption through state-of-the-art lighting technologies that reduce operating costs through improved efficiency to ensure that lighting is operating at peak efficiency. We utilize energy performance analytics to monitor electricity consumption by the utilities to meet the optimum operation.

Saving millions in electricity expenses takes more than turning off lights. It requires new approaches to energy management. It also includes a combination of new lighting configurations, analytics, achieving efficiencies with new florescent tube reflectors to find patterns and trends in energy consumption that improve efficiency.

Our electricity sustainability solutions are paying off, literally. Over the years, our clients have focused on environmental leadership to realize savings and avoid costs at a rate of approximately $1.60 for every $1.00 spent.  REM’s lighting conservation program has enabled our clients to avoid millions of megawatt hours in energy use, and millions of dollars in associated direct energy expense. Moreover, our customers receive significant energy rebates and incentives from the utilities for achieving their megawatt energy savings.  Retrofits and upgrades with REM reflection technology qualify for tax incentives that further enhance ROI.

Working with REM is the best way to ensure a successful lighting optimization plan and minimize all the risks and liabilities associated with a facility modernization. With REM, you are assured of a well thought out implementation plan, and are catered to by experienced installers.